My mission is to help you start a
lifestyle you can look back at and

“Through my passion for fitness, I have learned to help clients reach their goals, use my personal fitness journey as a way to lead by example, build credibility, and most importantly, change people’s lives everyday."





Breena Martinez lives in sunny Northern California, with her husband Gilbert and cat Keika.  She entered the fitness industry starting at UFC Gym as a Personal Trainer in Concord, CA. As a collegiate athlete and advocate for sports and health, it was a career that spoke to her everyday passion. In a span of three years, she has grown to become one of the most successful Personal Trainers in the company and regularly generates over $100k in annual revenue.
Combining her love for fitness and competition, she quickly found her way to competing in Bikini Bodybuilding. In 2014 she earned her IFBB Pro Card and in her "rookie" year, earned a bid to Mr. Olympia, where she placed 12th out of the best 32 women in the world. In 2015, she dropped a few placements at Mr. Olympia to 16th, but 2017 is going to be a different story!  The experience she gained from her wins and losses has provided a foundation and system for what works for her to make sure she brings in the best presentations for all of her competitions.